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1.Commercial real estate found channel,Focus on commercial dynamics
October 2015
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910021 Beautiful girl's Congress failed over loneliness long distance distance
Join magical beans,Put your beauty together,Take a broad person,Take your story!
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Wonderful obstacle
With the rapid development of e-commerce,"Network model" became,And gradually develop into a large number of industries."Creation" and professional models,Need more civilians,and so, The threshold of "MA Tei" is not as high as a professional model.The civilian "network model" is therefore a lovely name "Auti".In addition,Because the Taobao platform was hired as "Hai To" earlier. Product promotion."MA TEI" is also provided to provide a platform for application cooperation.and so, Female "pen" is still a good name called "Amoy".The reporter interview learned,In addition to women "beans",There are many male "pen" joining.The reporter found in the "Merry Square" in the sheep mud.COM,There are 2606 "Hai Nou" here.Male "MA Nou" has 294,They are in them, Qingdao 42 "Mahat" is 42 years old.Taobao's "horse toy baby" up to 1.30,000.,Qingdao's "furry" or 43 companies offer "manufacturing" shot.

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