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Hello everyone,I am northwestern food,A male God is behind the food. Everyone has been chaotic for Xinjiang, Western Region.Armed police,But in fact, There are many foods in Xinjiang!cantaloupe,Raisins, etc. also become a local character!Let's take a look at the food diary of Xinjiang.Let us know about Xinjiang's daily food!I didn't think of the final Xijiang food, In fact it is it! Xinjiang women's food habits cool love to eat spicy and love to eat fans, food, also have weight, Love, Love, Then share a group of new groups I like to eat, I don't want to be too embarrassing! This helpful dish eats the building chicken with the skin belt, Hu Shu Yang, lamb chops, caught, dried fish, but recently, how can the launch of the flower, how can this, such a good house is good at a day, a day, three meals, I will not be in a bowl.  flying rice plus a child, will it come, come and see that we have done this cup of friendship, a deep boring guess, what is deeply boring? What is the early guess?Friends have been waiting for more than one or two hours and then doctors two or two, one people magazine came to eat, spicy, empty, big, big, pineapple, can't come, watch the cement fruit, you all love what fruit呢我的食欲啊水杯 表达它是非常遗失的,Dear girlfriend, Some people like to eat Korean cake hot pot? How do you go to Xinjiang?Is the best food best?Welcome to the next comment regional discussion!
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唰!Decreased in Zhouyuan's voice,His body is like a cheetah, Fast hair,The source gas is entangled in its body surface,Let him have its own strength,The speed rises.fiercely!"court death!"Lin Feng slammed Zhouyuan began to counterattack.In the eyes are cold,He is also a person who opens the vein.Zhou Yuan is so moving,Open these four pulses is not too much."Because you are so confident,Then I am in front of everyone,Destroy your confidence!"Lin Feng five points refers to slow mastery,The gas source has also appeared from the surface of his body.Earn a robes aggressive,The physical and blood under the skin,explosive force,So fast.Strong momentum,Since Lin Feng's body,Four veins power,at this time, It shows it.Lin Feng's momentum,Everyone under Wardata feels.When it is slightly changed,Even in Sui Wei Wei is also a condensed state.Jade hand grabs,A beautiful face brush a worry.This kind of power,Even in the opening of four ships,It is top.Zhou Yuan naturally felt momentum,But there is no retreat,instead, This is a feet.Foot nude,There is a source of sources."Shallow!"His speed is soaring."Iron cloth!"His arm,The skin is full of black light.It is like steel."Railing House!"Zhou Yuan shoulder vibration,Focus on the sound of the bull,Brought a lot of power.The three source lines are installed simultaneously.Zhouyuan's momentum is directly rising.Powerful appearance,Let everyone know,What is the strength of Zhouyuan counterattack.This is a young girl giving Wardata.however, On the high platform,Queyue saw this scene and Liu Yu's girl.The mouth is a laughter.Qi Yue 10 fingers cross,Look at Zhou Yuan, Strong argument to Lin Feng,I said: "It seems that our mother doesn't know,Lin Feng is the best,This is not an attack.instead, Defense. "" In the level of four pulses,No one can break Lin Feng's defense.""and so,The more fierce his attack,You will lose the wolf,Haha,It really looks forward to it."Under the eyes of many nervous eyes,Zhouyuan and Lin Feng are close at hand,And Lin Feng's mouth,This time is slightly picked up.Rotating is half a step,The body is tilted."China Source,Iron Magic Wall!"Voice of violence,Suddenly in the mouth of Lin Feng,I saw the source and whistling of his body surface.At last, It is a weakly formed black light film.Although the light film is very thin,But in the dark color,This is a hard effort.Look at the black light film appearing on the surface of Lin Feng institution,The mouth suddenly changed slightly.Because she knows,This Iron Magic Wall is the top of China.It not only has strong defensive,Even the attack can also rebound.and so,If you can't destroy it immediately,The harder the attack,Attackers will rebound in a fierce attack.I want to destroy this iron wall immediately.Even Su Xiaowei,There is no absolute confidence."Let you beat your own attack,Under Zhouyuan Temple,Your wolf,Next, It will pass great ZHOUFU."Lin Feng looks closer to Zhouyuan.The corner of the mouth is also a disdainful smile.In many eyes,Zhouyuan's eyes also saw black light films of Lin Feng's surface.Surging power,It also makes his brow being picked up."The fact proves,There is a turtle shell."Zhou Yuan bruises,In the eyes: "Because you are so confident in this black turtle shell,Then I will break you!"He wants to come out,Directly appeared in front of Lin Feng,next moment,He breathed,Everyone has seen it,In its throat,In fact, it is an optical mode that appears."Is there a source line?!!"Lin Feng saw it,When my eyes suddenly,I will shrink.!!When he shaken in his heart,Zhou Yuan's mouth suddenly opened,Deafful Tiger sound,Form a sound wave,Sharid sweep."A product source line,tiger!"Tiger roaring,Everyone around Warcat is eager to cover your ears.Just think that the blood in the body is oscillating,This is a sudden illusion.The power of this power,Never introduced the source!Others were hit,first of all, Lin Feng,It is farther than the head of the tiger.Black light film in the body surface,Strong shock,A circle is discharged,Blur seems to be stagnant.That is, at this moment,Zhou Yuan is close to Lin Feng,He five fingers,Then take a heavy gesture,The registered air seems to be fried in boxing."Dragon hand,Chopped mountain!"The source wraps around the fist,Anger with black light film.嗡!Light film crazy shock,传 传Lin Feng has finally come back from the voice of the tiger.When the direct color changes,Because he jears a terrible force,Because this is influential.Source of power,This is Zhou Yuan's fist.His strength,How can it be so terrible?!!"Lin Feng's heart,There is a turbulence in your eyes."Give me a rest!"Zhou Yuan's cold drink,At this time,Farm sound.嘭!At that moment, he fell.Everyone is obvious,Lin Feng decent black light film,It is actually broken."I recognized it."Lin Feng face is more exciting.Hello there.but,Zhou Yuan still does not wait for him.Contains all the advantages of all power,This is a heavy fall,Falling above the forest.Hey there!Blood stimulation,Lin Feng's body flew directly in a shocking gaze.Through several places in that half-air,The last party is still very heavy,Go out of the ground, Long trace,Over the past.With Lin Feng,The entire performance of the past is silent.Everyone is shocked, Looking at this scene.Even su xiaowei is also a jade with red lips.Beautiful glory."What is going to think."Everyone is muttered.unbelievable,They are still amazed at Lin Feng's powerful defense.however, next moment,The United Nations destroyed the iron magic wall,Just like Zhouyuan, One punch. How much power?Is this what people who open two pulses can do?"This is good!"On WEETAI,Chu Tianyang rang,Halland got up,The eyes flash in light,The face is full of surprises,Zhou Yuan's strength,It can be displayed in a fourth quarter.It seems that this hall has this hall,After years of silence,I finally started to show it.This is an important week,This is undoubtedly a big happiness.there,Xu Lin's face is also slightly convulsive.The eyes are great, I am looking for a zen figure.On the high platform,The smile on Qi Yue and Liu Wei has also been consolidated.咔嚓.Qi Yue's hand is a full force,The railing in front of him was crushed by him.A beautiful face is very mixed with iron."How can he break Lin Feng's iron magic wall?"!Liu Yu pale,Gite the teeth.Lin Feng's iron magic wall,Some people can break it in the Rhodes.however, right now,But it was broken by Zhou Yuan. Which one is not open.How can people be shocked.Is this still a waste they know?Queyue died stared at the boy's figure.Kill in the eyes,Have him,Always let Zirong as a joke,however, at this time,He really felt the threat of breathing.Qi Yue 5 fingers,Make some noise,His eyelids are touched,Enthusiastic whispering: "This week's waste dragon,Do you really want to play a gray?"

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"The value is just" is definitely truth in China.Both major cars have formed their own design style.In recent years,The domestic first-line brand SAIC ROEWE has developed rapidly.After the new SUV, This car is launched,Roewe is also a mixture of domestic high-end MPVs.ROEWE IMAX8 is listed today,Price 18.88-25.380,000 yuan,All equipped with 2.0T + 8AT gearbox. Roewe IMAX8 is very unusual,In addition to the LED headlights,Ronglin grille is also more eye-catching.The logo has a camera in Prada,The configuration is still very high. The side of ROEWE IMAX8 is very smooth.The waist line is flat,The length is 5016mm * 1909mm * 1782mm, respectively,The wheelbase is 3000mm,Double-electric side sliding door,It is also a high-end MPV must. Although the tail is not floating roof,And through the taillight,But designed a homemade,It looks stable,There are still commercial atmospheres.Its positioning is also high-end business.Can't do it too exaggerated,Tires use 19-inch meters of rice,The configuration is very high,The exhaust layout is a hidden design. ROEWE IMAX8 has two types of color schemes,It is very avant-garde.With the panoramic day, It is very bright.The whole vehicle will have a pressure.These two screens are liquid crystal materials.This file is designed on the central console,save space. Roewe always likes the Zebra Venus Zhilian system developed with Ali.In addition to the mode control screen, LCD instrument disk,Main, The shared seat is also equipped with a 10-inch touch screen,The official call is "Magic Screen".Four-door and front windshields use double-layer interlayer soundproof glass,The biggest highlight configuration is the devil,It includes 0-60 ° C and lift tea station (modular design,Can be replaced with a coffee table),In addition to the button control,The devil can be moved before and after the central channel through voice control.Can take care of the passengers before and after. The second line of Wei Imax8 is a separate sofa seat.The seat surface is wrapped in Napa Leather,The internal foam is filled.The second row seat uses zero gravity design.Can let the passengers come back, The hips are uniform,Improve comfort.There is also a massage. Leg support function,Configure relative luxury. The second row back can be adjusted to 69 °.The maximum leg bracket having a maximum angle is 26 °.In addition,The seat is also sliding before and after supporting. 8 airbag waist massage, Four road pneumatic vectors, 6 pillow adjustment, Seat ventilation and heating. Abstract Roewe is equipped with the same RX8.0T turbocharged engine,Maximum power 234 horsepower,Maximum torque 360 cattle, White rice,But the match is the 8-speed manual transmission,The chassis is a separate suspension.It is the most direct competitor of Chuanzhi Media.
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